The AIMA Team

Dr. Satish Karale

Founder & Chairman

Message from the founder & Chairman

Bringing together practitioners and communities to improve our nation's health.

AAYUSH International Medical Association is a professional medical organization of over a 1,000 plus preventive medicine and public health physicians who manage, research, and influence population health. Preventive medicine physicians are employed in a wide range of sectors and settings, and AIMA Fellows are sought after leaders in local, national, and international health sectors. To these specialists, AIMA provides a dynamic forum for the exchange of knowledge and offers high-quality educational programs as well as professional development resources and networking opportunities.

Dr. Nitinraje Patil

Founder & Vice Chairman

Message from the founder & Vice Chairman

We value open-mindedness and creativity to adapt to short-term challenges while exploring innovative opportunities for long-term success.

The AIMA members comprise a community of leaders dedicated to improving healthcare. Our growing and evolving membership includes micro-networks of leaders from across the healthcare spectrum in diverse locations, healthcare settings, disciplines and career stages. We help each other advance and we collaborate to tackle some of the biggest challenges within the profession.

Board Members

Dr. Manoj Kumar


Dr. Krishnamurari Akhileshkumar Sharma

Chief Patron

National & International President

Dr. Baburao Kanade

President - Homeopathy

Dr. Vihar Bidwai

President - Ayurveda

Dr. Rakesh Sharma

President - Acupuncture

Shri. Sameer Bhushan

President - Yoga

Dr. Md. Obiedullah Baig

President - Unani

Women's Committee

Dr. Venu Sharma

President - Ayurveda

Advisory Committee

Dr. Vishnu Bawane

Advisor - Acupuncture

International Representatives

Pimpattra Vithyanithithorn

National President - Acupuncture
(Bangkok, Thailand)

Satnam Surjan Singh

National President - Acupuncture