Welcome to AAYUSH International Medical Association (AIMA)

What is AIMA ?

AIMA provides a forum for its member associates to communicate freely, to co-operate actively, to achieve consensus on high standards of medical ethics and professional competence, and to promote the professional freedom of physicians worldwide.


AAYUSH International Medical Association will function at local, national and international level to spread the message of healthy living in our community through its strategic alliances ...


AAYUSH International Medical Association (AIMA) envisions to become a collective wisdom under one roof through the interaction of all key places who have a greater role to play ...


To make interactions easy among the medical industry to bring under addressed health issues to the national agenda. to promote the vision of each member.


Regardless of which facet of medical industry you belong to, AAYUSH International Medical Association (AIMA) provides professional and personal advancement ...

Medical Ethics - Codes of Practice, Guidelines, Professionalism. pix

AIMA has been to establish and promote the highest possible standards of ethical behaviour and care by healers. In pursuit of this goal, the AIMA has adopted global policy statements on a range of ethical issues related to medical professionalism, patient care, research on human subjects and public health. The AIMA Association and its standing committees regularly review and update existing policies and continually develop new policy on emerging ethical issues. The AIMA serves as a clearing house of ethics information resources for its members. To achieve this goal, the AIMA cooperates with academic institutions, global organizations, and individual experts in the field of medical ethics.